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Our Story - Finding Perfect

We believe that every couple deserves
to celebrate their first steps in life together with a
perfect (surprise!) engagement ring.

Our joy is in your perfect proposal.

RingHints has been developed by Finding Perfect.

Finding Perfect was formed to address a personal need - When planning his engagement proposal, founder Mcklein Javeri was shocked to realise that most of his friends had taken the unromantic path of asking their partners exactly what type of engagement ring to buy.

Beyond his friend circle, further research revealed that ‘ring-shopping together’ was a growing trend because both ring givers and receivers were afraid of getting the wrong ring without speaking to each other or a common friend/ family member.

There had to be a better way to choose an engagement ring without giving away the surprise!

Having found a solution, Finding Perfect was formed and subsequently selected to join the University of Queensland startup accelerator program – Germinate.