Falling in love is easy

Choosing a ring is definitely not

Discover her perfect ring – surprise intact!

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What is RingHints?

RingHints is like Tinder for engagement rings – women love playing it!

When your girlfriend swipes, our algorithm learns her style preferences and generates a detailed report.

The best part – she can receive an invite to play the game without even knowing it is coming from you.

She gets the perfect ring. You get to surprise her and brag to all your friends how you did it – how about that?

The Journey of Discovery


Consultation Call

Jump on a free call with our experts to learn about everything you need to know when buying a ring.

Provide some basic information so we can invite your girlfriend to RingHints through social media microtargeting.


She Plays RingHints

Through social media microtargeting your girlfriend receives a RingHints invite without knowing you’re behind it.

Our algortihm can then learn her exact style preferences when she plays the game.


Detailed Style Report

The style report will include design advice, budget advice, and buying advice to get that perfect ring!

We even leverage our contacts to find you the most exclusive and best deals for diamonds.

Personalised Style Report + Expert Advice


  • Her taste is classic. She want something elegant and timeless where all the attention can be on the centre stone.
  • She definitely wouldn’t like vintage styles with too many diamonds or patterns on the band of the ring. She also strongly prefer yellow gold over platinum or white gold.

Design Matching


Upload the image of any engagement ring to receive a score based on her detailed results

Design Advice


Her taste is clearly classic. Go for a simple, elegant and timeless design that is all about the centre-diamond.

Budget Advice


The above indicates the importance your girlfriend gives toward each design element.

We recommend that you build the engagement ring around the centre stone. Put your budget toward a better quality and potentially larger solitaire diamond rather than spending on an elaborate band or additional diamonds.

Why RingHints?

Avoid Ring Disaster

Remember that time he bought you an ugly dress? Well an ugly ring is a lot more expensive and harder to take back to the store.

Let’s avoid that awkward conversation.

Keep the Magic

Too many proposals are losing the surprise element because couples go ring shopping together to avoid disappointment.

RingHints gets you the Perfect Ring + Perfect Surprise.

Expert Ring Consultation

Let our design experts help him through every step of the ring buying journey. We are three generations of jewellers with contacts to exclusive diamond dealers.

We can find him the best prices guaranteed!



„RingHints is amazing – it really works! The team helped me find out what my now fiance would love and helped design a unique custom ring for out engagement.

They also went the extra mile to find me a great deal on the diamond and delivered it overseas where I finally proposed”

2 out of 3 couples are now ring shopping together and giving up on surprise. At RingHints we want to bring back the magic of surprise while making sure every man knows how to find or design the perfect ring that his partner will love forver!